​Luke Sefton

Luke Sefton, is a Licensed Professional Engineer and President of Sefton Engineering Consultants, a 100% Veteran Owned Firm located in Sedona, Arizona. He has lived and practiced Civil Engineering in the Verde Valley for over 30 years and is an active member of a host of Community Organizations and Private Charities, including the Cottonwood and Sedona Chamber of Commerce, Rotary of the Red Rocks, Friends of Jack Jamesen Park, Verde Valley Military Service Park, and is a Certificate Holder for Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation.

Luke has engineered and represented many projects in the Verde Valley, including his company’s most recent achievement: Ambiante – A Landscape Hotel, Mariposa Latin Grill in Sedona and the Yavapai Apache Nation’s latest Housing and Community Center that has won numerous awards. He is also the Civil Engineer for the Out of Africa Park Development and Habitat for Humanity.

Luke began his Military Service in 1985 when he enlisted as Combat Medic for the Indiana Army National Guard. He later enrolled in the Indiana Military Academy and successfully graduated as an Officer. Luke later moved to Arizona to obtain his degree in Civil Engineering. During this time, he also served as an Ordinance Officer for the Arizona Army National Guard. He was eventually mobilized to Saudi Arabia and later Kuwait to serve in Operation Desert Storm.

He continued to serve in the Arizona Army National Guard upon his return and was ultimately promoted to Major and assigned as the Battalion Training Officer for the 981ST Troop Command where he was responsible for overseeing the design and construction of projects for the 257th, 258th, and 259th Engineering Companies. Luke was also Commander of the Flagstaff National Guard Unit and held various positions at Camp Navajo, as well as being a certified U.S. Army Instructor.

Luke has received many decorations and awards from the Military for his management style, leadership, decision making, and for his ability to provide solutions to unique problems.