Greg Kirkham

Greg Kirkham received a B.S. in Secondary Education from Arizona State University in 1977, and an M.A. in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University in 1992.

As a former principal of West Sedona Elementary and Immaculate Conception Catholic School, most of Greg’s career has been centered around education. Inspired by coaches, he began his journey as an ASU wrestler. He was recruited to build wrestling programs at various high schools in Arizona and Colorado, and his love for teaching and coaching flourished. Greg moved to Sedona 21 years ago and spent 14 years leading staff and students in the Verde Valley. He has been blessed to work with so many great people, and after 34 years he still loves the profession. His accomplishments include:

• Implementing the North Central Accreditation at West Sedona Elementary
• Representing Northern Arizona for Arizona School Administrators
• Presenting Educator at Best Practices Conference
• Presenting Administrator on “Best Mathematics Practices” at the Arizona School Administrator Conference
• Supervisor of Title 1, Gifted Education, Special Education and Drug-Free School Programs
• Coordinator of Data Decision Making, ELL Strategies and Crisis Management
• Co-Founder of Project Partnership – a coalition of law enforcement and Flagstaff Schools
• Co-Developer of Project Attend in coordination with the county attorney and Flagstaff Elementary School Principals
• Co-Developer of Emergency/Intruder Plan in Flagstaff and Sedona
• Presenter on A+ Discipline at the National Convention of Secondary School Administrators
• State Evaluator for Arizona Educational Foundation A+ Schools
• State Champion Wrestling Coach/Coach of the Year in Arizona and Colorado

Sedona has been a great town to be employed in and raise a family. After retiring from public education, Greg became a local hiking guide. He still enjoys hiking less rigorous trails and feels fortunate to live here. Protecting Sedona and the community is an important interest.

Greg has been married to his wife, Jackie, for almost 30 years and has three children and three grandchildren. Jackie has taught in the Sedona Oak-Creek School District and has been a teacher and principal in the Verde Valley.

Since retirement, Greg has supported our local schools, volunteered with the Community Supper at St. Andrews Episcopal Church, and become a member of the St.Vincent de Paul Society. Giving back to the Sedona community is an important goal.