Initially a group determined to create a community that people who lived here could enjoy, they worked informally for many years, with members helping shepherd the process of making 89A a state highway, laying the groundwork necessary to incorporate Sedona, leveraging their experience and their connections to acquire a 1930’s homestead and orchard and turn it into what is now Slide Rock State Park, and building the foundation for what would be Posse Grounds Park.

In 1982, after years of debate about what to call themselves, the group finally settled on Sedona 30, and in March of 1986, Sedona 30 was formally incorporated. Slide Rock State Park opened to the public in October of 1987, and after nearly a decade of work, the City of Sedona was finally incorporated in 1988.

Source Historians:Dave Blauert, Bruce Rogers, Ralph Roney, Mal Wienges, and Serge Wright