Sedona 30 is a charitable service association that improves the community through financial support for nonprofit organizations. The organization is comprised of 30 active members with various occupational backgrounds and achievements. They strive to enhance Sedona living and support the community through fundraising and donations. For the past thirty years, this group of Sedona professional and business leaders has helped numerous organizations and projects move forward. The group is a nonprofit membership corporation of Sedona area residents who have demonstrated an interest in the betterment of their community.

A=Active Members     E=Executive Members     LOA=Leave of Absence

Names in bold indicate links to biographies.


Serge Wright (E) President
Don Nelms (A) Vice President
Bob Porter (A) Treasurer
Bill Johnson (A) Asst. Treasurer
Luke Sefton (A) Secretary
John Bradshaw (A) Past President



Jody Beeler (E) – Chair Grants
Nick Paslidis (A) – Scholarships
Mal Wienges (E) – Director
John Currivan (A) – Director



Steve Adams Greg Kirkham
Don Bell John Lange
Shell Bleiweiss Mercer Mohr
John Bradshaw Don Nelms
John Canon Nick Paslidis
Al Comello Bob Porter
John Currivan Mike Schroeder
Jerry Frey Luke Sefton
Bill Johnson Bill Spring
Dwight Kadar Richard Witlin




George Ault Ralph Roney
Jody Beeler Malachy Wienges
Ed Conway Serge Wright
George Moore  




Mark Butler James Ousley
Peter Fagan Bruce Rodgers
Lew Hoyt Tom Shuman
Phil Morris Shawn Wendell




2019-2020 John Bradshaw 2000-2001 Malachy Wienges
2018-2019 John Currivan 1999-2000 Chuck Nyberg
2017-2018 Malachy Wienges 1998-1999 Gary Karademos
2016-2017 Bill Jump 1997-1998 Vern Smith
2015-2016 Dave Blauert 1996-1997 Al Wolfe
2014-2015 George Ault 1995-1996 Phil Morris
2013-2014 Jody Beeler 1994-1995 Ace Jones
2012-2013 Joel DeTar 1993-1994 Marvin James
2011-2012 Ed Conway 1991-1992 Jack Jamesen
2010-2011 James Ousley 1990-1991 Ralph Roney
2009-2010 Jay Stuckey 1989-1990 Don Hopkins
2008-2009 John Wesnitzer 1988-1989 Ray Pummill
2007-2008 Peter Fagan 1987-1988 Hamp Merrill
2006-2007 Rod Abbott 1986-1987 Bob Larson, Jr.
2005-2006 Ron Martinez 1985-1986 Dick Olsen
2004-2005 Shawn Wendell 1984-1985 John DePoe
2003-2004 Bob Carroll 1983-1984 Bob Luckey
2002-2003 George Podd 1982-1983 Bill Garland
2001-2002 Dave Webster